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Ophthalmology (Eyes)

Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital has highly experienced, board-certified ophthalmologists who have additional fellowship training in the eye health of children of all ages, from premature babies through adolescence.

Good vision is essential to a child’s ability to learn, play and interact with others, and Illinois state law requires proof of a comprehensive eye examination before children enter kindergarten. However, serious vision problems, such as strabismus, amblyopia, cataracts and refractive errors (near or farsightedness), can be detected and corrected much earlier. In fact, the most significant time for vision development occurs in the first few years of life, often well before kindergarten.


Recommended Vision Screenings

The American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus recommends that parents have their children screened for vision problems, misalignment or abnormal red reflux at set times prior to age five:

  • Newborn to six months
  • Six months to 42 months
  • 42 months to five years
  • Five years and older – screen every one to two years

Typically, vision screenings are handled by a pediatrician or other qualified healthcare provider during a check up or well baby visit. If a vision problem or disease is detected, your pediatrician may refer you to a pediatric ophthalmologist for a more comprehensive examination.

If you observe signs of a vision problem between screenings, or if there is a family history of eye disease, you may wish to visit a pediatric ophthalmologist directly.


Advanced Care for Young Patients

The pediatric ophthalmologists at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital enjoy working with children and strive to ensure that their patients have the best possible chance for a lifetime of excellent vision. Their services include:

  • Comprehensive examinations for prevention, detection and treatment of all vision problems
  • Relaxed environment with videos, toys and games used for testing
  • Advanced technology for determining vision in very young children who do not yet speak or read
  • Outpatient eye surgery
  • Fittings for a full line of glasses and contact lenses

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, find a Pediatric Ophthalmologist at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital.

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Ophthalmology (Eyes)

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