Emergency Heart Treatment: Anne's Story

Bonnie Salomon, MD became Anne McCoy's lifeline just after her heart attack.

"I was at work when I felt pressure in the center of my chest. I really didn’t know what it was—indigestion maybe, but it was getting worse.

"I also felt short of breath and my arms were limp. I knew what shooting pain in the arms and chest can mean: my father died of a heart attack at 40, along with both of my grandfathers. My uncle passed away as a result of heart failure, and two of my brothers received stents. I was still a little naïve. I never believed that it could happen to me. But with one look at me, my cousin knew I needed help urgently and called an ambulance.

"Emergency technicians from both Lake Forest and Knollwood arrived soon after. Bonnie Salomon, MD diagnosed my heart attack and two heart specialists immediately began treatment in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab.

"I had 99% blockage in my left descending artery—they needed to work quickly to save my heart. Dr. Mayer performed an angioplasty, inserting a stent and restoring regular blood flow. Amazingly, just 55 minutes had passed since my cousin called 911. They saved my life that day, and I thank them from the bottom of my newly mended heart.

"And now, the Cardiac Rehabilitation staff, along with the WomenHeart support program, is helping me strengthen my heart. Fifty-three years ago I was born at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital; and thanks to their remarkable care, I have a chance at another 53 years."

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