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Diabetes/Obesity (Metabolic Disorders)

Type 2 Diabetes, or diabetes mellitus type 2, is a disorder resulting from the body's inability to make enough or properly use insulin. It is the most common form of the disease, accounting for up to 95 percent of diabetics. Type 2 diabetes is nearing epidemic proportions in America, due to an increased number of seniors, as well as a greater prevalence of obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

In addition, obesity is increasingly viewed as a serious and growing public health problem. Excessive body weight has been shown to predispose people to various diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis, among others.

Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital’s Nutrition Services offers one-on-one nutrition and weight management counseling to help you meet your health goals and better manage medical conditions. Registered dietitians will meet with you to develop long-term goals and food plans that complement your lifestyle and preferences. In addition, our accredited outpatient Diabetes Education Program provides comprehensive education and training on diabetes with our staff of certified diabetes educators and dietitians.

Offices visits are available in both Lake Forest and Grayslake. For more information, please contact Nutrition Services at 847.535.6176—or, to schedule an appointment, call 847.535.8000.


Learn More about Metabolic Disorders

A metabolic disorder is a medical disorder that affects the production of energy within individual cells. The main features of metabolic syndrome include insulin resistance, hypertension (high blood pressure), cholesterol abnormalities and an increased risk for clotting. Most metabolic disorders are genetic, though a few are "acquired" as a result of diet, toxins and infections. Patients are most often overweight or obese. Type 2 Diabetes, or diabetes mellitus type 2, is the most commonly known metabolic disorder.

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We offer a variety of appointment times to best fit our patients' busy schedules. Please call to determine the best appointment time for you.

Diabetes/Obesity (Metabolic Disorders)

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