Treatment Chart

The following chart illustrates a range of symptoms and their respective treatment or service areas at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, from which we develop a customized therapy program specifically for you. Click on any treatment to learn more.
Key Words Treatment Symptom
Water-based rehab Aquatic Therapy Pain with weight-bearing, chronic pain, difficulty walking, fibromyalgia
Cancer rehab Cancer - Oncology Physical Therapy Limited function following cancer surgery; scar tissue; post-surgery cording of tissues
Swelling Cancer - Lymphedema Tissue swelling or skin changes in leg, arm or breast (often following cancer, surgery and/or radiation); cellulitis
Pediatrics Center for Child Development (Pediatric Therapy) Pediatric development delays, low muscle tone (floppy), stiffness, head tilt, flat head
Dance-related pain or injuries Dancer's Maintenance Program Foot and ankle pain or injuries, limping or compensation, swelling, "normal pain" for dancers, persistent pain in same area
Fall prevention Fall Prevention Difficulty getting out of chair; limited activity due to fear of falling
Hand/arm injury Hand Therapy Hand and wrist nerve and tendon injuries; carpal tunnel, arthritis 
Osteoporosis, compression fracture Osteoporosis CARE (Complete Aerobic and Resistance Exercise and Education) Therapy Compression fractures (spine/hip/wrist), brittle bones, increased postural curvature or hunch 
Incontinence, pelvic pain Pelvic Floor Program Pelvic pain (intercourse, post-partum, chronic), incontinence 
Pregnancy, C-section Post C-section Early Exercise Program Planned C-section; post C-section pain, scarring, discomfort (not related to incision), difficulty returning to normal activity
Sports injuries, injury prevention Sports Medicine Sports and orthopedic injuries/surgeries; injury prevention; performance enhancement
Jaw pain, headaches Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Therapy Jaw pain/locking, facial pain, headaches 
Balance problems, vertigo, dizziness Vestibular Rehabilitation Balance problems, vertigo, dizziness changing position 


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