Health Report Stories


Two Great Coaches with a Heartfelt Bond

Coach Mike Ditka and Coach Tommy Myers share their stories more >

Emergency Heart Treatment: Anne's Story

Saved from a severe heart attack at age 53 more >

Life Before and After Arrhythmia: Cynthia's Story

After an advanced cardiac ablation procedure, a hiker can hit the trails again more >

Lake Forest Ambulances Get Better EKG Transmission

New technology improves treatment for heart attack patients more >


Your Weight, Your Life

Why it's time to stop feeling weight loss failure and consider a fad-free approach more >

Both Feet on the Ground: Saving Erma's Leg

Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital diagnosis, surgeries and Wound Center save Erma's leg—and her life more >

Stopping Heart Disease, the Silent Killer

To save your heart, it's time to start using your head more >

Strong Hearts, Strong Women

Heart disease affects women differently than men; read how in this Q&A more >


First Ankle Replacement Surgery in Lake County

Dr. Anand Vora performs total ankle replacement at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital more >

First Cervical Disc Replacement at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital

Dr. Stanford Tack performs first cervical disc replacement at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital more >

Double Knee Replacement: Steve's Story

Patient undergoes two knee replacements simultaneously more >

Local, Expert Care Helps a Family Manage Multiple Injuries

2 kids, 3 sports injuries, 1 season more >


Children's Sports Injuries: The Price of Winning?

What effect do childrens' sports have on their long-term health? more >

Tissue Engineering Advances Orthopedic Medicine

New tissue engineering technique may accelerate healing after orthopedic surgery more >

Customized Knee Replacements Take Functionality to a New Level

Knees that don't hurt? For active people, that's just not enough. more >